Posts From December, 2012

Light years away by Edurne Rubio – a review

I have been fortunate to attend a representation of “Light years away” by Ms. Edurne Rubio in Groningen, Netherlands. The artist is the daughter of one of the explorers of the cave system of Ojo Guareña, near Burgos, Spain and has a long and intimate connection with the caves. The performance mixes monologue, surround sound, video and theatrical performance. In its basic structure, it is the representation of a guided tour of the caves, one that is imaginary and not constricted by time or space. For those not knowing the caves, it is an extraordinary long (about 110 km known) cave system, with several subterranean lakes, at least 6 levels, and multiple openings. The upper cave system was frequented by humans from the Upper Paleolithic to the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age, in different moments, before being rediscovered only in the past century. There are significant traces of human presence, including complex panels of rock art, residues of torches, burials, and even ancient... Read the rest of this entry »

New paper out

I announce a new paper that has been published in Skyllis.

Vianello, A. (2012). Late Bronze Age long-distance maritime trade as cultural agency: The case of non-palatial contexts. Skyllis, Journal for Underwater Archaeology, 2011 (2), pp. 40-48.

The same issue of Skyllis is of particular interest to specialists interested in Mediterranean Bronze Age.

In the 2012 issues of the European Journal of Archaeology there are also reviews of my work, and in particular the December issue reviews some of my work regarding the current relationship between art and archaeology.