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Light years away by Edurne Rubio – a review

I have been fortunate to attend a representation of “Light years away” by Ms. Edurne Rubio in Groningen, Netherlands. The artist is the daughter of one of the explorers of the cave system of Ojo Guareña, near Burgos, Spain and has a long and intimate connection with the caves. The performance mixes monologue, surround sound, video and theatrical performance. In its basic structure, it is the representation of a guided tour of the caves, one that is imaginary and not constricted by time or space. For those not knowing the caves, it is an extraordinary long (about 110 km known) cave system, with several subterranean lakes, at least 6 levels, and multiple openings. The upper cave system was frequented by humans from the Upper Paleolithic to the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age, in different moments, before being rediscovered only in the past century. There are significant traces of human presence, including complex panels of rock art, residues of torches, burials, and even ancient... Read the rest of this entry »

Dictionary of Archaeological Terms published

It is with great pleasure that I announce the publication of my third book: The Dictionary of Archaeological Terms English - Italian / Italian - English, published by Archaeopress in their dictionary series. Some additional details: ISBN 9781905739493. £9.99. 124 pages; paperback; it can be purchased in any bookshop or through the publisher directly. Although it is truly a pocket book, it contains the translation of 5170 terms and took a significant effort to produce. It aims to be useful to all archaeologists, and it is a good complement to a general dictionary. Inside you will not find any help to master the language (be it English or Italian), nor a complete set of words that may be used by archaeologists (Latin and Greek words for instance will be similar or the same between the two languages in most cases). The dictionary encompasses instead all words that I could think of that may be encountered in any branch of archaeology (field archaeology, scientific archaeology, theoretical ... Read the rest of this entry »