Posts From September, 2016

Light years away by Edurne Rubio – a review

I have been fortunate to attend a representation of “Light years away” by Ms. Edurne Rubio in Groningen, Netherlands. The artist is the daughter of one of the explorers of the cave system of Ojo Guareña, near Burgos, Spain and has a long and intimate connection with the caves. The performance mixes monologue, surround sound, video and theatrical performance. In its basic structure, it is the representation of a guided tour of the caves, one that is imaginary and not constricted by time or space. For those not knowing the caves, it is an extraordinary long (about 110 km known) cave system, with several subterranean lakes, at least 6 levels, and multiple openings. The upper cave system was frequented by humans from the Upper Paleolithic to the Late Bronze Age/Early Iron Age, in different moments, before being rediscovered only in the past century. There are significant traces of human presence, including complex panels of rock art, residues of torches, burials, and even ancient... Read the rest of this entry »

Website updated

I have updated the underlying website, and please let me know of anything broken. Some older pages will have broken links, but that is the nature of the Internet. I started writing this website in 1998, so in nearly 20 years I have acquired some first hand knowledge of the Web even if I am not an IT specialist. Just a geek at heart. I remember my first efforts to write HTML code compatible with version 3.2, then 4, and all the troubles in making it compatible with different browsers. Then XHTML came as an attempt to merge HTML and XML into a standard, but it failed to be adopted. Currently, HTML5 is hardly a fixed standard, and support is very varied among browsers. Adobe Flash was the first attempt to make the Web interactive and multimedia, but I never liked it, and it is leaving us, not a moment too soon. Content Management Systems (CMS) have made programs to produce web pages obsolete, and made possible to publish online to the masses. So what changed this round? I changed web... Read the rest of this entry »