Andrea VianelloWelcome to the personal website of Dr Andrea Vianello, Visiting Research Fellow at the University of South Florida (USF). I am an archaeologist specialised in Aegean and Mediterranean archaeology, including scientific analyses with pXRF and stable isotope analyses on diet and mobility. You can find here some information on my past and current academic activities. Until recently, I was the subject reviewer in archaeology for Intute at the University of Oxford. I am currently involved in field projects in Italy (with prof. Robert H. Tykot, University of South Florida), focusing on prehistoric material evidence, including lithics and metals. A further project is active in England.

I have organized a session at the 2017 EAA annual meeting in Maastricht, "Present identities from the past: providing a meaning to modern communities" and co-organising another one: "Applications using Hand-Held Portable X-Ray Fluorescence Spectrometers". The call for papers is OPEN, please submit your proposals.

Many papers and drafts are available on this website, please check the relevant sections, "Conferences" and "Publications". Students and colleagues are welcome to contact me requesting any particular paper not available in the public website. More papers are available in my Researchgate page.

Check out also my page at Amazon. Please note, I do not favour any particular bookshop or market seller. My books can be purchased in most bookshops, online and on the high streets.

I maintain an updated version of the Gazetteer, originally published in Late Bronze Age Mycenaean and Italic Products in the West Mediterranean. A Social and Economic Analysis. The Gazetteer is useful even if you are interested in the topic and have not seen the book yet.

Feel free to look around and if you have any comments contact me.



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    Rivers in prehistory, my latest book, can be purchased NOW. Further information can be found here.

​    The book was launched at the EAA in Glasgow, see here:

​    http://andreavianello.net/book-launch


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    vi+166 pages; illustrated throughout in colour and black & white. 169 2015. ISBN 9781784911782.

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Reviewed in: International Journal of Nautical Archaeology by Colin Martin.

The first 34 pages are devoted to an ‘Introduction’ and two scene-setting essays (by) Andrea Vianello. His philosophy and approach are non-prescriptive, emphasizing the dichotomy between the physical attributes of riverine environments and the varied and not always logical responses of human societies to them. (...) Slick generalizations and explanatory theories are notably absent; in their place are factual observations, questions and paradoxes. This combination of papers does not constitute a text book, but it is a good foundation for debate and progress in this neglected field. (...) The volume as a whole carries an important message. Like the sea and things nautical, rivers and lakes have for too long been ‘elephants in the rooms’ of archaeologists and historians, so obvious that they are effectively invisible. Andrea Vianello and his fellow authors have revealed them as essential elements in holistic landscape studies, without which life could not function. It is up to others to follow their example. (...) An excellent book. Some of the illustrations are outstanding, especially of the Yangtze and of Arab marshlands.


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