Funerary Consumption and Symbolism of Exotica in Mycenaean Greece

This is my presentation for the Ceremonies and Burial Practices in the Mycenaean World session organised by Ann-Louise Schallin and Helène Whittaker held as part of the EAA 2012 on the 1st of September. It is a research work in progress and therefore it should not be treated as a lecture or a formal paper. It is based on some hypotheses and makes some assumptions; its purpose is to share some idea and provoke some discussion. It must not be used as a substitute of a textbook. The video is free to watch, but strictly copyrighted and must not be copied. It cannot be cited directly either, as it is the copy of a presentation, which should be referenced in its place.

It is published here in a voice over slides format, which is the same way presentations are broadcast on the Web. Any comments are welcome, please email me.

I recommend to watch the video full screen (click on the cross on the bottom right of the player).

2012 presentation