Some of the fonts available on this website for download cannot comply fully with the Unicode standard and need to use particular free registers made available by that standard to make characters available. This is due to some characters of ancient scripts not being accepted by that standard. Among the free registers, "plane 15" is the most commonly used.

To access such registers, it is preferable to use Word 2010 or superior; alternatively most DTP programs may be suitable although not as easy for content production. On a typical Windows 7 PC, it is necessary to download the ZIP files, extract the files contained and then double click on the TTF file. Click on "install" to make the font available to the system. Many other OS can install TTF fonts.

To access the registers from Word 2010, click the "insert" tab on the ribbon and then select "symbols", and "more symbols". Select the desired font and then select the register needed. Plane 15 will be available.

To access the registers from within LibreOffice (recommended) or OpenOffice, please click on "Insert" and then "special character". Then select the desired font in "font"  and "specials" as subset. The program bundles there the characters from plane 15. It is recommended to save files in Word format when using LibreOffice for compatibility reasons.

Two short videos have been produced to show you the procedure. The first is for Word users and the second for LibreOffice users. Neither contains an audio track. Please watch either video in full screen; click on the cross-like icon with arrows just below the time counter on the bottom right of each video player.

There will be minimal difference across different operative systems (Win, Mac or Linux) and languages for LibreOffice. Different versions however may make the task more or less complicated. Old versions of all programs may not support plane 15 characters. Please note that only the program named Writer needs to be installed if LibreOffice is chosen. Word 2010 is only available for Windows (the specific function is not supported in Word 2011 for Mac) and therefore Mac and Linux users should use LibreOffice. Office 2011 for Mac supports opening files or pasting contents from Writer and that may prove the best way to use the fonts on Mac.