I publish here some writings, notes, papers about my research projects. In the future, I hope to develop this page into a full list of publications, with some papers freely downloadable where possible. However, I want this space to be a place also for some notes and comments that I cannot develop further, but could be useful to others. Of course, many random writings end up in  blog.

2000. None of these writings is a postgraduate essay as it was submitted, some never were an essay in the first place, and some of them focus on specialist topics that may be too advanced for undergraduates. The English language in the "early writings" is occasionally less than optimal (I know, sorry!), but it is intelligible and I do not plan to review them.

early writings
What is archaeology?
Why should we interpret the Mesara tholoi as tombs rather than ossuaries?
A critical review of Renfrew and Bahn's "Archaeology - theory, methods and practice" (1st edition)
Which was the role of Cycladic marble figurines in funerary rituals?
Were the ancestors exploited in the legitimation of power and control over material resources in the Bronze Age Aegean?
Some notes about Kamilari tholos
How have archaeologists used the concept of social ranking in the study of Minoan civilisation?
What light do Linear B texts shed on the production and consumption of craft goods in Mycenaean Greece?
What is the importance of "Philosophy and Archaeology" by Merrilee Salmon for current archaeology?

I wrote a few papers for, a website published by the University of Toronto. These are showing the relevance of the study of human behaviours to chronological periods later than those traditionally the focus of such research, and these papers try to provide an overview of such studies applied to a very long portion of human history. Such long perspective is also useful to see how the materialistic, consumistic world archaeologists study and most of us lament in current public life, is a very recent development of our history.

Probing Ancient Landscapes: the semiotics of space, water, and fire (2009)

Tourism and conservation: a difficult relationship (2008) [Session homepage]

Changing gestures and body language in the European Bronze Age (2005) [Session homepage]

Rituals as language (2004) [Seminar homepage]. The second edition is also available.

Stone Age symbolic behaviours: questions and prospects (2003). A new version (updated in October 2006) entitled Gestures and rituals: the archaeological evidence is also available online.

Notes on

Death of Oetzi the Iceman


some more thoughts and notes have been published in Intute's blog


See Amazon page with details of all books (bookshop not endorsed in any particular way, please shop around for best prices or ask your local library).

About my 2006 project on rock art and landscape near Philippi, Greece, a preliminary note has been published in Antiquity Volume 81 Number 311, 3 2007:

Post-Palaeolithic engravings at Philippi in eastern Macedonia, Greece: rock art in the land of the Hedones

and see PDF papers for an offline version.

I have presented papers at several conferences, and some of these presentations will appear in this website.

Other Publications

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How to get my papers

A selection of my papers is available below. To access specific papers not available on the public website, students, colleagues and amateur archaeologists are welcome to contact me via this website and request other papers of interest or an updated bibliography.

Drafts are usually complete papers as submitted, but possibly not formatted as printed.

Papers (PDF)

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Image eaa2008.pdf

Vianello, A. (submitted). Identities formed from technology: the case of the Late Bronze Age Mediterranean. In Dimitriadis, G., M. Gurova and G. Nash (eds) “Prehistoric Technology: Cognition and the Act of Artefact Production”. BAR International Series, Oxford. Unpublished draft in press.


Image figurines1.pdf

Vianello, A. (2010). Problems of identity for Mycenaean figurines. In Gheorghiu, D. and Cyphers, A. (eds) “Anthropomorphic and Zoomorphic Miniature Figures in Eurasia, Africa and Meso-America: Morphology, materiality, technology, function and context”, pp. 73-77. BAR International Series, Oxford.


Image minoan_2011.pdf

Vianello, A. (submitted). “Minoan foundation deposits of palatial period”. In Proceedings of the 11th International Cretological Congress, Rethymno, Crete. Unpublished draft in press.

Image Vianello 1737.pdf

Vianello, A. (2008) The ship and its symbolism in the European Bronze Age. In Coimbra, F. and G. Dimitriadis “Cognitive Archaeology as Symbolic Archaeology”, Proceedings of the XV UISPP Congress, pp. 27-34. BAR International Series 1737, Oxford.


Image Vianello_Antiquity_2007.pdf

Post-Palaeolithic engravings at Philippi in eastern Macedonia, Greece: rock art in the land of the Hedones. In Antiquity Volume 81 Number 311, 3 2007.

Image vianello_coruna.pdf

Vianello, A. 2012. Can Archaeology’s “Ritualistic and Symbolic Artefacts” Be Interpreted Semiotically? In Culture of Communication / Communication of Culture. Proceedings of the 10th World Congress of the International Association for Semiotic Studies (A Coruña 26 September 2009). Edited by Juan A. Magariños De Morentín. ISBN 9788497495226. Draft of published paper.


Image Whittaker2008.pdf

Vianello, A. (2008) Late Bronze Age Aegean Trade Routes in the Western Mediterranean. In Whittaker von Hofsten, H. (ed.) The Aegean Bronze Age in the wider European context. BAR International Series 1745, Oxford.

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